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October 26





CTHRA’s Mission

We provide an industry-specific forum and analytics for HR leaders to enable business success.

Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association
HR for HR Team at NBCU Nets Honor for University Initiative

CTHRA's Team Innovator of the Year winner, NBCUniversal's HR for HR Team, has developed and implemented a high-impact professional development program: tHRive University. With the tagline "Your Career. Produced Here." the dynamic skills-based program empowers employees in the HR community to succeed at all stages of their careers. In addition, new courses build community and provide networking opportunities with senior HR managers, business leaders and subject matter experts. [full article]

Disruptive Technology Is Reshaping the Workforce

In a world where advances in technology are constant, the Internet continues to reshape the world for consumers, businesses and employees. Armed with mobile devices that fit in our purses and pockets, we can conduct searches and make decisions when it's convenient for us, at any time around the clock. Recruitment Evangelist Lindagrace De la Cruz from Indeed identifies how the accelerated connectedness to people and resources in today's business world is impacting the workforce. She outlines seven trends, including the bifurcation of labor markets based on skill, the increasingly mobile labor market and how the Internet is changing the way people look for jobs. [read more]


Driving Employee Engagement for Creative Teams

As the unemployment rate continues to fall, industry employers are faced with the challenge of retaining talent. TeamPeople's Danny Rickard dives into employee engagement within a creative department. He builds a business case for the employee value proposition, including citing several attention-grabbing statistics. For example: it can cost a third of an employee's salary to recruit, hire and train a replacement. Rickard draws upon personal experience to provide tips for improving employee engagement, including employer branding and nonfinancial motivators.  [full article]

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