CTHRA's Employee Benefits Survey

Wouldn't it be nice to have relevant benchmarking benefit data available to include in your benefit planning process? Current data about benefit levels, costs and contributions typically are not released until August or later and are general in nature, not industry specific.  The challenging issue for CTHRA members is that with benefit costs consuming an ever expanding share of corporate budgets, we are all being asked probing questions about how we compare to the competition.  Winning features include:

  • The scope of the survey is directly aligned with the information essential to strategic decision making.
  • The entire survey can generally be completed in less than two hours.
  • Survey results are industry-specific and separated into participant categoried (MSOs and content providers).
  • Survey questions are worded in a clear, concise manner.
  • Data is also collected for life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, and retirement plans

Survey participants can utilize the data for real-world applications such as to quantify your company's total medical benefit spend relative to its peer group, measure the richness of the programs offered based on the plan design, not solely on cost, and balance the total benefit offering in relationship to your company's overall compensation and benefits philosophy.

This survey was most recently conducted in 2012 and is on hiatus until 2014. 

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