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CTHRA’s Mission

We provide an industry-specific forum and analytics for HR leaders to enable business success.

Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association
Veterans Hiring & Retention

Our industry is proud to be an employer of choice for the men and women who have served our country, and CTHRA is dedicated to connecting you to valuable resources to assist in your company’s veteran employment efforts. Check out Models of Success for video vignettes of veterans working in cable and entertainment and a case study on Spectrum’s veteran recruiting strategy. For additional resources, including free PsychArmor Institute online courses for hiring managers and recruiters, visit the Mission Media HR Portal.  

Men Mentoring Women in the Age of #MeToo

Research has identified that companies with women at the top have a higher return on capital investment and increased sales. Yet, mentoring women has never been widespread, and panic surrounding recent headlines means men may grow more self-conscious about how to navigate these relationships. Diversity and inclusion expert Jennifer Brown explains why now, more than ever, we need male leaders to truly commit to supporting and mentoring women and other underrepresented talent. READ MORE



Using Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

A recent survey of 1,320 US HR leaders identified a large gap between the way people are using artificial intelligence (AI) at home and at work. Jeanne Meister, founding partner of Future Workplace, believes AI has the power to augment human capabilities and deliver a more compelling customer and employee experience. In this article, Jeanne shares more research findings and five ways CHROs and their teams can begin to leverage AI. READ MORE


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